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About our Work

Our Mission

We provide pathways for moving from poverty to prosperity by:

Expanding the supply of decent housing;

Supporting economic development;

Increasing access to healthcare and encouraging healthy behavior;

Creating and sustaining public-private partnerships;

Aligning the strategies and resources of the educational, faith-based, governmental, capital, social service, business and healthcare sectors.

Get to know our community

Rockwood might be Oregon’s most challenged large community, but we are building an exciting new future together.

About Rockwood

Rockwood has about 40,000 people, and sits immediately outside the Portland border, in Gresham.

We are in East Multnomah County, which has a huge income gap between the rich and poor.

If Multnomah County were a state, the West side would be the second richest state in the US, and the East side would be the second poorest state in the US.

Every system is broken in Rockwood. 

This includes: education, government,  health, business, justice, financial, and community. 

As a result, life expectancy in Rockwood is 10 years shorter than it is on the West side. 

For more information and detailed analysis, go to Speaks, Knocks, Listens.

But there is hope. 

Our neighbors in Rockwood speak more than 88 languages at home, are the youngest population, and are hungry for change. 

Hundreds of millions of dollars in new investments are pouring into Rockwood, entrepreneurs are building businesses, violence is way down, neighbors are running for office, and large systems are starting to engage in meaningful change. 

Our Values

Build Bridges, Not Armies

Everything we do is built on an ethic of inclusion, diversity, and justice. Reconciliation is hard work and we are committed to building diverse relational bridges that lead to true justice.⁠

It’s personal

We intentionally invest in relationships as we invest in other aspects of community development. Everyone that works with us and for us is personally involved in the lives of our community. This keeps us relationally connected to our neighbors and community.


We pursue the disconnected and bring them into relationship through what is often hard relational work that is rooted in listening, humility, and learning. ⁠

Never leave the table

We are here for the long-term, even when things get hard. We do not launch programs and then leave but we are here until our vision has been accomplished. ⁠

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