Initiative Spotlight: Grandma’s Hands warm tummies and souls


Rockwood cooking and food program celebrates Black cuisine and family tradition.

Our Grandma’s Hands initiative was highlighted in The Gresham Outlook.

Willie Chambers’ heart was touched as he watched his wife Vanessa tenderly teaching some of her grandchildren how to cook, passing down traditions, culture and love with food.

That picture of caring grandmothers in the kitchen was in Willie Chambers’ mind as he talked with folks from Wallace Medical Concern, his colleagues at Rockwood CDC and others about improving the nutrition and health of residents of Rockwood and East Multnomah County.

Chambers also huddled with Chuck Smith of the nonprofit Black Food Sovereignty Coalition to further develop the concept of elder Black women being guides for better health, eating habits and strengthening community.

Grandma’s Hands was born.

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