Let's Go Farther... Together

We are excited about strengthening current initiatives and launching new ones.

We need your help to make Rockwood a place where everyone can learn, earn, and belong.


Help us continue this vital work.

Help provide important resources for our multi-cultural food pantry.

Help fund a community dialogue event for Rockwood Speaks!

Help fund a new playroom in our homeless shelter in Rockwood.

Help launch children’s educational initiatives in East Multnomah County.

Help an under-resourced entrepreneur start and grow their business.

Sponsors a vaccination event and  health fair in the local community.

For 9 years, we have worked to meet the needs of Rockwood through our various programs.

There is more work to do.
Your partnership will help us:

Fund the work of Rockwood Speaks!

Rockwood Speaks is our community engagement program where we gather together Rockwood residents to ask questions and listen to the needs of our community, with the goal of co-creating solutions to the problems we face in Rockwood.

Open a new playroom and teen center at The Rockwood Tower.

The Rockwood Tower is our shelter for vulnerable houseless women and families. We need funding so more than 80 children who call the Rockwood Tower home will have a place to play and call home.

Implement new children’s educational initiatives.

Our ESL program needs funding that will create new initiatives that will result in promoting academic achievement for the children in our community.

Close the opportunity gap for entrepreneurs who want to start and grow small businesses.

Our newest initiative, East County Business Bridge, comes alongside aspiring entrepreneurs in East Multnomah County who face many inequities and barriers in their entrepreneurial journey. This program builds bridges of connection — creating access to training, support, and resources.

"Your support shows how much you care about the people of Rockwood and means so much to our work!"

Lynn Ketch

Executive Director, Rockwood CDC

Since 2013 your partnership has helped:

Tackle food insecurity by supporting the Multi-cultural Food Pantry.

Teach English to immigrant moms so that they can advocate for their children.

Develop the East County Community Health program that administers COVID vaccines and increases health outcomes in East County.

Launch East County Community Housing program — our 75-bed homeless shelter.

Provide micro-loans to entrepreneurs in our community through East County Business Hub.

Deliver much-needed food, resources, connection, and vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic.