Learn about poverty, Rockwood, and our work at an upcoming virtual Lunch and Learn Read More

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Welcome to Rockwood

With a huge gap between the rich and the poor, and a life expectancy 10 years shorter than other parts of Portland, Rockwood is one of the most challenged neighborhoods in the United States — but it is also one of the most resilient and hopeful. Our mission is to stand shoulder to shoulder with local leaders as we strive together for lasting change in Rockwood.

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Learn about the community of Rockwood where we are working alongside our neighbors to bring about systems-level change.


Learn about poverty, Rockwood, and our work at an upcoming virtual Lunch and Learn.

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Our work is supported by the generous donors of people just like you - people who want to see the Rockwood flourish.

Systems-level challenges,
require systems-level solutions.

We work with our neighbors and family in Rockwood to build a place where everyone can learn, earn and belong. Our deep analysis and in-person engagement sets the agenda for our work.

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October 20, 2021

Low Barrier Farmers Markets

Most farmers markets in the Portland metro area are considered “high-barrier.” This means that for farmers to sell their produce, […]

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Learn more about the challenges and opportunities in Oregon’s most underserved community and how you can engage in our work. We invite you to join one of our upcoming virtual Lunch and Learn opportunities.

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