Our Team

We have a team of diverse, passionate, and faithful leaders who serve alongside our neighbors in Rockwood.

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Lynn Ketch

Executive Director

Lynn has had a life-long passion for healthy communities. Raised by a father who was a pioneer in public health, she lived in first-nation communities in Alaska, New Mexico and North Carolina. She holds graduate certificates from Oregon Health Sciences University and Multnomah University, and a BS from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. In 2011 Lynn relocated to The Philippines with her family to become the Director of ICM’s seven medical clinics. In 2013 she returned to Rockwood and joined the board and staff of the Rockwood CDC.

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Vanessa Chambers

Certified Community Health Worker and Grandma's Hands

Vanessa is currently a Community Health Worker serving African American families. She operates a community program specifically for grandmothers called Grandma’s Hands. Vanessa greatly enjoys assisting families in having a healthy life. Mostly, “I like to see people enjoy a healthy lifestyle which includes experiencing and eating special healthy foods. Her favorite pastime is playing tennis.


Angelica Cortez

Certified Community Health Worker

My name is Angelica. I am a Community Health Worker working with our Latino/Hispanic community here in Rockwood. I am proud to be a part of Rockwood CDC’s East County Community Health services where we are able to help others. I was born and raised in SE Portland, Oregon. My mother is from Yucatan, Mexico and my father is from Michoacan, Mexico. Family is a huge part of my life; I cherish every moment with all of them. ECCH

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Melisa Crosby

Grant Administrator, Community Health Worker and RELI Instructor

Melisa Crosby has been teaching English as a Second Language to immigrant, refugee, and international students for over two decades. At last count, she has worked with students from over 65 countries, from a wide range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds. As the ESL instructor for the Rockwood English Language Institute (RELI), she strives to build a warm, connected community where adult students develop their English proficiency in basic literacy, communication, reading, writing, and computer skills. She is empowering adult students to participate more fully in work, community life and family literacy.

Rosa Dominguez

Program Assistant/Certified Community Health Worker


Erika Dorsey

Community Health Worker


Gustavo Gutierrez-Gomez

Economic Development Director,


Kenny Ho

Community Health Worker

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Brad Ketch

Chairman, Board of Directors and CDCO President

Brad was born and raised in East Portland, Brad has personally experienced the decline and rebirth of the Rockwood area He holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Business. For twenty-five years, Brad developed products and companies in the telecommunication hardware industry. He has served as CEO and CFO of a publicly-traded company; and, has served as CEO of a $90 million manufacturer.
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Matthew Montgomery

Social Determinants of Health Coordinator


Carla McMahon

Community Health Program Mgr., Certified Community Health Worker

Carla is from Cali, Colombia. She has lived and worked in the Rockwood community since moving to the United States in 2000. Carla enjoys being part of the community and learning about the various cultures within Rockwood. It has driven her love of traveling and being able to experience firsthand the culture, people, food, traditions among many other extraordinary things each cultural community has to offer.
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Hai Nguyen

Director of Operations

Hai, along with his parents and siblings left Vietnam and came to the United States in 1991.  After receiving his Bachelor and MBA in Seattle, he moved back to the Portland Metro area.  His professional background is in Operations, Financial and Risk Management.  Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.
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Eric Trinh

Policy & Engagement Manager

Eric is a first-generation college student who is the proud son of two selfless and loving parents from Saigon, Vietnam. His passion and commitment for racial equity have continued to be primarily influenced by the principles of community development and urban planning, which he can apply in his experience working for both the public and non-profit sectors. Eric holds a BA in Community Development, a Master's Degree in Urban & Regional Planning, and a graduate certificate in Real Estate Development from Portland State University. Eric believes that communities can be prosperous and livable if we provide them the support to engage in community economic development planning, which means celebrating different voices, opinions, and experiences.  Eric also believes that public policies serve the public; therefore, we must ensure the public is included in the decision-making tables. Ambitious, yet humbled by the invaluable experience working with BIPOC communities, Eric is excited to make himself a public servant and a change agent in his professional journey.

Berryl Omollo

Community Health Worker

Berryl is a community health worker from Nairobi, Kenya. She is passionate about empowering marginalized communities and has worked in Behavioral health for over 5 years. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Public Health Studies: Community Health Promotion at Portland State University.
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Antonia Pierce

Executive Assistant


Ashley Pugh

Business Bridge Assistant


Vania Penaloza

Community Health Worker


Ulu Seria

Program Director, East County Business Bridge

The Rockwood CDC is part of Oregon Community Development Corporation.

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