About Our Work

Our Approach

We collaborate with community members to take collective action by identifying problems and co-creating solutions.

Our Programs

Health Outcomes

Increasing health outcomes in Rockwood and East Multnomah County through out dedicated team of community health workers.


Food Systems

Using food, nutritional education, business incubation, and agricultural development as tools to help Rockwood thrive.


Community Engagement

Engaging the Rockwood and East Multnomah County community to co-create a new future together.


Economic Development

Stimulating entrepreneurship in Rockwood and East Multnomah County.


Housing Solutions

Expanding the supply of housing for Rockwood and East Multnomah County residents.


Educational Development

Engaging residents in learning and education to provide more opportunities.


We work intentionally with community members to solve systems-level issues with systems-level solutions.


What is a system?

A system is a combination of public and private sectors defined through policy, power, and personal positions that instills a defined network of structures and hierarchies that get to dictate three very important factors:

Who is normal?

What is normal? And,

How is normalcy achieved?

When we began our work in 2014, we found there were many excellent organizations providing important services in Rockwood and East Multnomah County.

Unfortunately, many of these organizations functioned as silos and the community has not experienced changes at a systems level. While they were doing important relief work by meeting immediate needs, we saw an opportunity for work that addresses systemic problems in the community. We believe this systems-level focus is needed so that long-term change can take place in Rockwood and East Multnomah County.

While relief work is absolutely necessary at times, there is a vast difference between relief and development work. Relief work is done for the community in a time of crisis, and development work is done with the community to address ongoing barriers that prevent a community from thriving.

From the beginning, we have focused intently on development with the community — knowing that community members are best positioned to identify and create solutions to systemic problems.

In fact, all of our initiatives are focused on development rather than relief.

Each of these initiatives was birthed out of listening to each other as part of an ongoing community dialogue. They are focused on uplifting the community and building long-term solutions to large-scale problems.

Lunch and Learn

An opportunity to go deeper. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities in Oregon’s poorest community and how you can engage in our work.

We invite you to join one of our upcoming virtual Lunch and Learn opportunities.

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