About Us

We work with our neighbors and family in Rockwood to build a place where everyone can learn, earn and belong.

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About Our Context

Rockwood is Oregon’s poorest community. We work alongside our neighbors to co-create a new future together.

As a historically neglected and under-invested community, Rockwood’s 40,000 residents have a life expectancy that is 10-years shorter than other parts of the Portland Metro area. We facilitate collaborative solutions with neighbors and local leaders that provide pathways for Rockwood residents to thrive educationally, economically, and relationally.

Our Vision

We dream of a Rockwood where everyone has an opportunity to learn, earn, and belong.

Our Mission

We work in Oregon’s poorest community to help provide pathways for Rockwood residents to move from poverty to prosperity.

Our mission is achieved by:

  • Expanding the supply of affordable housing
  • Stimulating and supporting economic development
  • Increasing access to healthcare and encouraging healthy behavior
  • Creating and sustaining public-private partnerships
  • Aligning the strategies and resources of the educational, faith-based, governmental, capital, social service, business, and healthcare sectors

Our Core Values

We are personally invested in the community.

Everyone involved in our work either lives in the community or is in relationship with our low-income neighbors.

We will never leave the table.

We are here for the long term, even when things are difficult. 

We are committed to reconciliation.

We pursue people who are disconnected and invite them into relationships rooted in humility, listening, and learning.

We build bridges, not armies.

Everything we do is built on an ethic of inclusion, diversity, and justice. 

Our Team

We have a team of diverse, passionate, and faithful leaders who serve alongside our neighbors in Rockwood.

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Rockwood Identity Atlas: A Quantitative Study

The Rockwood Identity Atlas is a 100-page report detailing statistics on Rockwood's history, housing, demographics, families, jobs, community, and health.

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