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Our Programs & Initiatives

East County Community Health

We employ  a team of community based cultural navigators, community leaders, and health educators in East County Portland.

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East County Housing

East County Housing  manages properties, coordinates services, and advocates for housing system change in East Multnomah County.

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COVID Response

Our neighbors are three times more likely to be infected than the rest of Oregonians.

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Sunrise Center and Kitchen

The Sunrise Center is a 12,500 building that serves as a community center and is located at 18901 E Burnside St in Gresham.

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Grandma’s Hands

Elder African-American women share healthy black cultural food traditions with the younger generations.

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Rockwood Food Systems Collaborative

We use food, nutritional education, business incubation and agricultural development as tools to help our neighbors attain better health outcomes, greater equity, more prosperity, a cleaner environment, and more social capital.

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Knocks, Speaks, Listens

We are attentive to and responsive to the voice of our community.  This voice is expressed through personal interaction, facilitated formal conversations, arts and cultural expressions, and data.  Everything that we have learned is available to you.

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Shalom Rockwood Network

This network of faith communities work and worship together for the benefit of Rockwood.

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Rockwood English Language Initiative

RELI offers high quality, free English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to adults who have immigrated or have refugee status.

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