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East County Housing manages properties, coordinates services, and advocates for housing system change in East Multnomah County.

What we do

Formed in 2021, East County Housing works to improve access to economical, safe, and affordable housing in East Multnomah County.

Currently our team:

  • Manages our 75-unit apartment building — The Rockwood Tower
  • Facilitates the East County Housing Collective, which aligns government, private companies and non-profit groups to better respond to our housing crisis.
  • Helps the citizens of our area engage our government in making its policies and priorities more responsive.

The Rockwood Tower


The Rockwood Tower is our apartment facility for houseless and vulnerable families

Our apartment facility is a 75-room four-story newly refurbished building that is in Rockwood.

We purchased it in May 2021 with proceeds from an almost $7 million grant from the Oregon Community Foundation as part of its Project Turnkey program.

At this time, our facility is functioning as a shelter for houseless families and individuals who are impacted by COVID.

Residency is granted to qualified people by non-profit agencies that are in partnership with us. At this time, these agencies are:

  • Greater New Hope Family Services
  • Cultivating Initiatives
  • Other non-profit and governmental agencies are becoming partners and will also offer rooms to their clients in the future.

In addition to housing families and individuals, this facility is used for other purposes.

We will soon begin converting the residence rooms into efficient apartments that have kitchenettes.

Once a room is converted, then the usage will change from temporary shelter to longer-term housing for people who are transitioning into market-rate apartments, homeownership, or other permanent arrangements.

Leases will be offered to qualified people by non-profit agencies and governmental units that are in partnership with us.

Other Services and Engagement


The East County Housing Collaborative gathers community members, and representatives of government, faith, education, healthcare, private capital, and social service agencies to share assets, strategies, needs, and advocacy.  ECHC meets monthly, and membership is open to all.

Advocacy and Engagement

East County Housing regularly engages our neighbors in discussions and actions that will transform the housing system in our area.

If you have questions, are looking for services, or are interested in partnership, please contact us today.

Our Work

We work intentionally with community members to solve systems-level issues with systems-level solutions.