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The Rockwood English Language Institute

RELI offers high quality, free English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to adults who have immigrated or have refugee status.


More than 90 languages are spoken at home in just a two square mile area in Rockwood.  In our neighborhood, many people do not have the English language skills that they need to succeed.  About 25% of our adults do not have high school diplomas.  Almost all of our immigrant and refugee neighbors need some help.  Some are not literate in their own language.

What We Do

RELI classes are perfect for people who are starting from scratch with English language and numbers. We hold the classes at the Rockwood Head Start building on 192nd and Stark. Classes are free.

Our Results

About 75% of our students move on to the next level. Many enroll in the adult ESL classes at Mt. Hood Community College and experience their first formal classroom in their lives!

“When my little one needed help with her homework, I could not help. I could not read the instructions. But here I learned to read, and now I am learning right along with her!”

– Juanita

Help support RELI in Rockwood, OR

Your investment in our school will have a dramatic effect on our students who yearn to succeed in America. RELI’s adult learners learn English, reduce the isolation that leads to failure, and aspire to build a life for them and their children. 

If your personal charitable priorities resonate with our program, please donate today.  Your gift will be help us keep classes free.