Announcing our new branding and logo


We are excited to announce the new logo and branding for the Rockwood Community Development Corporation!

We have been serving the Rockwood Community since 2013 by partnering with our neighbors and listening to what they need to provide pathways for the residents of Rockwood to move from poverty to prosperity.

We are excited about the progress being made! Our Food Systems Collaborative, Grandma’s Hands, our “hotel” serving as a shelter for the houseless, and our brand new micro-business hub (East County Business Bridge) — are just a few of our many initiatives.

Our dream to become a community where everyone has an opportunity to learn, earn, and belong is lofty, but we believe it is obtainable.

To illustrate our excitement and commitment, Rockwood CDC is undergoing some changes to our branding. We have created a look that represents the boldness of our mission, our context, and our community. Our new look will soon be seen on our website with a logo that expresses who we are. We are also developing “Rockwood swag” to support our fundraising efforts.

What our new logo represents:

The Rockwood community is diverse.
As we dream together about a brighter future, we are continuing to invite a full representation of our community to the table so that we can create that future together. The various colors found in the new logo paint a picture of the beauty and diversity of Rockwood, and the circle represents a table where there is a seat for every member of the community.

The work of Rockwood CDC is multifaceted.
As we create a brighter future together, the solutions to those problems will continue to take on various shapes and forms. Our new logo conveys the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the problems in Rockwood.

Rockwood is invisible to the Portland Metro area.
Rockwood is a community that most people in the region do not see, recognize, or understand. Our new logo intentionally features the “R” in Rockwood in a way that conveys this fact — that Rockwood has been ignored by those who are outside the community. However, we believe that if you look close enough and adjust your perspective, you will begin to see it more clearly.

What’s next?

We will be launching a brand new website that includes our new logo and aligns with our new brand this spring — to coincide with the new life that emerges during this season.

While we are excited about our new branding, we know that the work we have before us is what is most important. We look forward to the years ahead as we continue to work alongside our community to make Rockwood a place where everyone has the opportunity to learn, earn, and belong.

Thanks for your friendship and partnership!